We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that unicorns are the most magical creatures. Ever. These rainbow-licious unicorn-print paper plates are the touch of sparkle and joy that everyone needs after a busy day.

  • STURDY – Your make-believe game may be strong, but no one fantasizes about a mess. Our paper plates are sturdy enough for daily meals, but without the usual hassle of clean-up.
  • CUT AND SOAK RESISTANT – Face it, kids cutting their own meal is about as clumsy as a unicorn trying to hold a fork with a hoof. That’s why Glad for Kids paper plates are cut resistant and soak resistant.
  • MICROWAVE SAFE – For those days you don’t want to deal with cooking or clean-up, Glad for Kids paper plates are microwave-friendly and disposable, so grab those leftovers and settle on the couch for the evening. How many days in a row is it acceptable for a grown woman to eat off a unicorn paper plate? Asking for a friend.
  • 7 INCH DIAMETER – The perfect size for rainbow sprinkle cupcakes or uni-corn on the cob. I know which one I’d vote for.