Is there a difference in the Glad for Kids and the regular Glad disposables?

You mean other than the ridiculously cute unicorns and dinosaurs you passed on the way in? Ok, yeah, that’s the main difference. Glad for Kids is specially designed with fun, engaging patterns to help make mealtime more fun and appealing for children.  But there’s more to us than rainbows and glitter. Glad for Kids has a wider range of options in smaller plate and cup sizes for tiny human hands, and our snack bowls come with lids for portable snack time and fewer spills. And yes, we take requests. We got you, fam.


Is the ink on Glad for Kids products safe for kids?

Of course! If it weren't, that would sort of defeat the whole purpose of the brand, right?  Our paper plates, bowls and cups are tested to meet FDA’s food contact requirements. This is a general safety test. We also test for lead as a requirement for children’s consumer products. 


Are the Glad for Kids products microwave safe?

Yes, all of our Glad for Kids products are microwave safe with the exception of the lids for the paper snack cups. Lids on the Glad for Kids snack cup should be removed before placing in the microwave.

Glad for Kids Gladware containers are microwave safe, as well, but please vent the lids by removing them and placing them loosely on top - or remove them altogether. 

Handle all hot containers with care.


Are the Glad for Kids Gladware containers and lids dishwasher safe?

Yep - we're all about that easy clean-up life. Our reusable plastic containers are dishwasher safe.  We recommend using the top shelf for best results.


Are the Glad for Kids Gladware containers and lids freezer safe?

Once upon a time, there was a mom who spent all day brewing from-scratch Thanksgiving turkey bone broth to stock up for the upcoming cold and flu season. She stored the broth in a glass jar in the freezer. At the first sign of sniffles, she opened the deep freeze to thaw out a serving of broth for her little one, only to find that the glass had shattered into a million pieces. The next Thanksgiving, she stored her winter broth in Gladware for Kids, and every time she needed some, she pulled one from the freezer and popped it straight into the microwave for individually portioned servings of Sniffles-be-gone Soup. (Don't forget to vent the lid!)

Bottom line? Yes, our reusable plastic containers are safe to use in freezers.  


Do your products contain polyethylene?

Yes. All our soak-free paper products, with the exception of the straws, contain a thin PET coating that makes the paper product sturdy and soak-proof. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a widely used, FDA-approved coating.  


Are your products BPA-free?

Yep. Glad for Kids products are not formulated with BPA (Bisphenol A).


Are your straws wildlife friendly?

Yes. Glad for Kids straws are made of paper, and they do not have PET coating. They are biodegradable, compostable, and animal-friendly.  They're also fun to cut up to make necklaces, cupcake toppers, and party place card holders. Not that you asked...